I have previous work done elsewhere and want to make changes. What should I do?

Each artist has their unique style and technique. It’s very often possible that we will be able to cover up and correct. However, we cannot fix all work done by other artists. For convenience, please send us photos of your eyebrows under bright light before deciding to book so we can review them and let you know whether we can work on you.

DO NOT BOOK AND SHOW UP TO AN APPOINTMENT WITHOUT HAVING US REVIEW YOUR PREVIOUS TATTOOS FIRST. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, so we do not want to waste your time and money if we cannot correct them. Cover-ups and corrections can take a long time, depending on the case, so make sure to contact us before booking.

How long will it take? What is the process like?

This treatment is completed over two sessions (separate appointments), with the first taking 1-2 hours and the second for about an hour. The first session will include an in-person consultation, where we will discuss your ideal eyebrow type and have you choose your eyebrow shape with mapping, including color selection.

We will then proceed to style and apply color to the brows corresponding to your desired outcome. Once the healing process is complete (2-3 weeks), a touch-up session is strongly recommended and may be needed to ensure your 100% satisfaction. Your healing process depends on your aftercare and how your skin retains the ink. Adjustments are also made during the following retouch: lighter, darker, higher, lower, etc.

How long does it last?

Microblading is a semi-permanent process where we apply and create precise strokes at the surface of the skin. This treatment will typically last 12 months without a follow-up session, but retouches (either every few months or yearly) are highly recommended to maintain color and keep those hairlike strokes crisp and clean.

What if I’m unhappy with the look?

It’s a semi-permanent service that will eventually fade without touch-ups, but we will ensure that our clients know exactly how they want their eyebrows to look before the procedure. We spend a significant amount of time asking, checking, and thoroughly explaining the process. After clients’ first session, they can also get to learn and know their preferences during their healing process or when they finish healing. We can make adjustments during the retouch.

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