Learn about the goals and motivation of your trusted provider for permanent makeup procedures and eyebrow academy.

About the Founder

Hi, I’m Daisy Nguyen, the owner of Daisy PMU Inc., which offers high-quality permanent makeup and is located in Palo Alto. My services include microblading, microshading, ombré powder, and many more. I understand the importance of being exceptional at all times, and I go above and beyond to give my customers the eyebrows they need to look their best. I offer a unique blend of elegance, convenience, and perfection that ensure my customers’ beauty shines while delivering the best comfort. My services provide my clients with permanent eyebrow makeup that enhances their natural beauty while shortening their daily makeup routine.

I have a passion for what I do, which inspires me to deliver quality service at all times. The happy smile and confidence on my customers’ faces provide me with great fulfillment.

Our Mission Statement

Our commitment lies in delivering satisfactory permanent makeup procedures to clients wishing to enhance their innate beauty. We promise to become your trustworthy partner in helping you achieve your envisioned features. We also aim to empower aspiring eyebrow artists by offering them lessons that will propel their careers in the future.

Our Vision Statement

We aspire to become the Bay Area’s most trusted permanent makeup company by offering procedures that involve state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated practice. In the future, we hope to earn renowned success in our niche as professional eyebrow artists.

Daisy Nguyen Permanent Makeup & Academy

We Are Eyebrow Artists

I inform my customers about the latest eyebrow treatments and special offers. I also provide unlimited beauty tips. I appreciate the positive feedback and smile on their faces because customer satisfaction is everything. I value my customers and strive to produce the best services. I always stay abreast with the industry trends to be able to fulfill what I promise. My customers are my family, and I’m committed to always taking care of them.

Feel free to contact me today for a FREE consultation at 650-885-1799.

Daisy Nguyen,

Daisy PMU Inc.